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Interreg Highlights

Using tech to prevent natural catastrophes

By Kimane Baltyde and Theodora Soupioni

Who would have thought the Balkans and the Indian Ocean have at least one thing in common? In those two regions, researchers are using technology and digital systems to help fight natural catastrophes induced by climate change.

Designing a circular future to green our economy

By Dana Kascakova and Anna Galyga

The circular economy is an approach to minimize the use of our resources. By 29 July 2021, humanity had already used up all natural resources that earth can regenerate in one year.

The road ahead for electromobility

By Giulia Frattini

In the Adriatic-Ionian region, urban and suburban areas are suffering from heavy traffic congestion and a very high percentage of CO2 emissions due to weak urban planning and transport systems. People living in these areas are subject to various negative impacts on their daily lives.

Cross-border cooperation when floods cross borders

By Carla Guimarães and Michal Pavlik

In April 2006, a devastating spring flood occurred in the Danube River Basin. In Dolj County of Romania on the border with Bulgaria, a dam collapsed due to the rising waters of the Danube, causing widespread damage with hundreds of households destroyed.

(Energy) Efficiency first

By Vinicius Valente and Femke Boersma

Initiatives aimed at increasing energy efficiency often go hand-in-hand with the promotion of renewable energy, which tends to stand centre stage. Using resources more efficiently is, however, key to meet Europe’s climate objectives.

Interreg’s support for a sustainable and competitive tourism

By Laurence Moureh-Ledig

The tourism industry has been hit with a number of hurdles: from the COVID-19 pandemic to environmental threats and mass tourism impacting local communities and threatening fragile entire ecosystems, especially in coastal and mountain zones.

Small cities standing together towards energy transition

By Michal Pavlik and Magaly Dao

The famous notion “think global – act local” has been used in various contexts but nowhere it is more accurate than when it comes to tackling climate change. But what can be actually done locally,

Together with nature for healthier landscapes

By Dana Kascakova and Christina-Maria Bateka

Life as we know it is under immense pressure from climate change and other human-made threats. Experts warn that ecosystems are deteriorating more rapidly than ever. This is an enormous challenge, which can only be achieved when regions and cities in Europe join forces and get the right people on board.

Thinking circular: when waste becomes raw material

By Clotilde Mahé, Miriam Stuhlmueller and Michela Gaifami

What do a brewery, a data centre and a chicken farm have in common? They belong to the same value chain! An unusual combination, don’t you think?

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