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Interreg Highlights

Afraid of robots? Meet the cobots!

By Perrine Cordero and Vinicius Valente

Automation at the workplace is often perceived as a threat to jobs and can generate fear among workers. But what if technology, rather than replacing human beings, helped them with repetitive and potentially harmful tasks?

Innovation in navigation!

Danube Stream is a project that sustain smart, integrated and harmonized waterway management. The latest River Information System has been implemented in Romania. I invite you to see the video! Read and download the video

NMP – REG Project

Have you ever heard about the NMP-REG project? NMP does not stand for “not my problem” but for nanotechnology advanced materials and production to regional manufacturing. Sounds like rocket science? Indeed. However, I believe I

Cleaning up our oceans – one video game at a time

By Gareth Harding

We’ve all read stories about how plastic waste is choking our oceans. But how do you get people to do something about it? Two projects show how using new communication tools can help tackle the

Individual people behind big things

By Linda Talve

Back in 2016 the ship M/S Transpaper transporting cargo in the Gulf of Osthrobotnia between Finland and Sweden received for the first time route information from a nearby icebreaker Frej. While it doesn’t sound like

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