Credits & acknowledgements

We heartfully thank all ENI CBC programmes and projects which provided us with data,
information, and pictures. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

  • Black Sea Basin
  • Estonia-Russia
  • Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine
  • Italy-Tunisia
  • Karelia
  • Kolarctic
  • Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus
  • Latvia-Russia
  • Lithuania-Russia
  • Mediterranean Sea Basin
  • Poland-Belarus-Ukraine
  • Poland-Russia
  • Romania-Republic of Moldova
  • Romania-Ukraine
  • South-East Finland-Russia


This exhibition has been developed by TESIM (Technical Support to the Implementation and
Management of ENI CBC programmes), a technical assistance project financed by the EU
which aims at enabling the participating countries to manage and implement the ENI CBC
programmes in the most efficient way and contributes to ensuring an effective cooperation
between the Member States and the Partner Countries.

TESIM is implemented by a consortium led by Particip GmbH, an internationally recognised
consultancy company, offering the expertise and the know-how gained in over a thousand
assignments worldwide.

Editorial team

Daniela Cavini (coordinator), Volha Prokharava and Aida Jiménez-Sola
Graphic Designer: Michela Scibilia
Virtual tour set up by Álvaro Blanco Cobián
Publisher: TESIM