Call for projects

6th call for proposals

6th call for proposals

*** This call is closed ***

Deadline by 18th December 2018

Website of the call
link to southbaltic.eu22

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The call is launched for the following specific objectives:

  • Specific objective 2.2: “Increased use of green technologies in order to decrease the pollution discharges in the South Baltic area”
  • Specific objective 3.1: “Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area”
  • Specific objective 4.1: “Increase the share of skilled labour force working in blue and green economy sectors of the South Baltic area through joint cross-border actions”
  • Specific objective 5.1: “Improve the cooperation capacity of local South Baltic area actors through participation in cross-border networks”
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  • Region Zachodniopomorskie

  • Marshal's Office of Region Zachodniopomorskie
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    Information Point
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  • Region Kalmar län / Region Kalmar County
    Regional Utvecklingsförvaltning (Regional Development Department)
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