This is Europe

Stories of collaboration and cooperation from across the European Union, brought to you by the Interreg community.

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  • What now for Europe?

    At a decisive moment in the history of the continent, what does the future hold for Europe – and what can we learn from its past?
  • The Next Generation of Europeans

    As the continent emerges from lockdown, questions about the future of Europe loom. Stories from the next generation of Europeans.
  • Neighbours

    ‘Isolation’ may be the word of 2020, but Europe remains defined by its spirit of community. Stories from across the EU of collaboration, friendship, and neighbourliness.
  • A Green Europe

    Participating programmes: Interreg Baltic Sea Region, and Interreg North-Sea Region

    How can we work together to fight climate change and create a greener Europe? Stories from across the EU of individuals working on a sustainable future.