Call for projects

Call for project platform applications: submit your project platform idea by 21 October!

Call for project platform applications: submit your project platform idea by 21 October!

Deadline by 9th December 2024

Website of the call
link to interreg-baltic.eu26

  • Deadline for application 9th December 2024
  • Application starts on 26th June 2024
    • A smarter Europe – innovative and smart economic transformation
      • RSO 1.1 Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies

      • RSO 1.2 Reaping the benefits of digitisation for citizens, companies, research organisations and public authorities

      • RSO 1.3 Enhancing sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs, including by productive investments

      • RSO 1.4 Developing skills for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship

      • RSO 1.5 Enhancing digital connectivity

    • A greener, low-carbon Europe
      • RSO 2.1 Energy efficiency

      • RSO 2.2 Renewable energy

      • RSO 2.3 Developing smart energy systems, grids and storage outside the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E)

      • RSO 2.4 Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

      • RSO 2.5 Promoting access to water and sustainable water management

      • RSO 2.6 Circular economy

      • RSO 2.7 Biodiversity and green infrastructure

      • RSO 2.8 Urban mobility

    • A better cooperation governance
      • RSO 6.1 Enhance the institutional capacity of public authorities

      • RSO 6.2 Enhance efficient public administration

      • RSO 6.3 Build up mutual trust

      • RSO 6.4 Enhance institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders to implement macro-regional strategies and sea-basin strategies, as well as other territorial strategies

      • RSO 6.5 enhance sustainable democracy and support civil society actors and their role in reforming processes and democratic transitions

      • RSO 6.6 Other actions to support better cooperation governance

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Are you interested in bringing consolidated outcomes of several projects to another level? Would you like to the drive knowledge transfer and impact policies? Are you ready to provide a more strategic answer to the most pressing challenges in the region? Last but not least: are you excited about working – as if there were no borders – with partners from Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects and other funding programmes? If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, this call for project platform applications is just for you!

All you need to know about the open call you can find here.

Make sure that you keep your gateway for EU funds open: submit your project platform idea form (PIF) by 21 October 2024 (obligatory).  Only in the next step, you will need to prepare your full application and submit it by 9 December 2024 (16:00 CET.)

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