Call for projects

Targeted Call for Proposals

Targeted Call for Proposals

*** This call is closed ***

Deadline by 2nd June 2019

Website of the call
link to www.italy-albania-montenegro.eu39

  • Deadline for application 2nd June 2019
  • Application starts on 4th April 2019
    • Competitiveness of SMEs
      • Investment priority 3A

      • Investment priority 3B

      • Investment priority 3C

      • Investment priority 3D

    • Low-carbon economy
      • Investment priority 4A

      • Investment priority 4B

      • Investment priority 4C

      • Investment priority 4E

      • Investment priority 4F

    • Environment and resource efficiency
      • Investment priority 6B

      • Investment priority 6C

      • Investment priority 6D

      • Investment priority 6E

      • Investment priority 6F

      • Investment priority 6G

    • Sustainable transport
      • Investment priority 7A

      • Investment priority 7B

      • Investment Priority 7C

      • Investment priority 7E

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The Targeted Call for Project Proposals of the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme has been launched on 4 April 2019, and will be open for 60 calendar days from the date of publication.
Official documents are available at:
Puglia Region Bullettin
Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs
Montenegrin European Integration Office 
Programme web portal 
The Call has a total budget of 13.582.080,19 EUR (including 15% National contribution). Specific topics, which have been addressed in the Cooperation Programme, but have not sufficiently been tackled by the First call standard projects or by the Thematic projects, will be rewarded with additional points.
Project proposals must be focused on one of the 4 Priority Axes of the Programme, except for PA 1, which is open only for Small Scale Projects, and PA 3 open only for projects on energy efficiency. The total number of partners must not exceed 5, and it has to include at least 1 partner from Puglia, Molise, Albania and Montenegro.
Special attention will be given to projects demonstrating their capability to generate real impact on the territory and sustainability beyond their duration. Each project must also respond to concrete common needs of the Countries involved in the Programme.
An innovative aspect of the Call is the possibility of financing projects below 100.000 EUR, reimbursed as lump sum (Small Scale Projects), as well as the inclusion of pilot actions. The maximum budget for standard projects is 850.000 EUR (1.200.000 EUR for Axis 4).
The project implementation shall not be longer than 18 months for normal projects and 12 months for small scale projects, starting from the project start date.
All proposals have to be submitted through the Electronic Monitoring System of the Programme (eMS).

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