A unique opportunity to co-create

Michaela Görs from the German municipality Bützow got a chance to take part in the city budget planning. Thanks to the participatory budgeting and engagement of citizens, promising ideas for more liveable living areas turned into reality

By Viktoria Nilsson
Baltic Sea Region Programme
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The Interreg Baltic Sea Region project EmPaci allowed citizens across the Baltic Sea region to take part in participatory budgeting. Among nine pilot municipalities from six countries across the Baltic Sea, the German municipality Bützow engaged its residents in bringing ideas for more liveable living areas. Michaela and Philipp Görs got a chance to influence the city budget and contribute to the selection of the most promising ideas for the surrounding area.

Thanks to the great engagement and interest of Michaela Görs and her counterparts in the project, the citizens can now enjoy more liveable areas such as a modernised street, a skate park for youth, an upgraded meeting spot in a public space and an extended hiking trail.

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