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Interreg Highlights

Photo: project CO-AGE

How I discovered the digital world at 77

By Miklos Bodonczi

Keeping up with innovation and the newest devices and technologies can be done in many ways. A lot depends on each individual’s situation, as we all have our unique perspective. At 77, Istvánné Lázár is

Jenny Crissey, Rampa theatre

How an American girl became Polish

By Przemysław Joppek and Andrzej Krause, Goleniów commune office

This is the story of how an old railway ramp where the Germans and Poles were forcibly resettled after the World War II became a cultural center and a workplace for an eternally smiling American,

“As an artist, I turned my life into a work of art”

By Arthur–Cristian Rusznák

Arthur–Cristian Rusznák was a young, unemployed artist with a lot of talent and a lot of questions about how he could make a difference in the world. An art project with disadvantaged children in Banloc, Romania, opened his eyes to see a different future ahead of him.

Closing the loop through cooperation

By Michal Pavlik, Giulia Frattini and Emin Yigit Koyuncuoglu

In the natural world everything is made of the same components: proteins, sugars, fats, and minerals. These nutrients are rearranged in multiple ways to create the variety and richness we see on Earth. So, nothing

Using tech to prevent natural catastrophes

By Kimane Baltyde and Theodora Soupioni

Who would have thought the Balkans and the Indian Ocean have at least one thing in common? In those two regions, researchers are using technology and digital systems to help fight natural catastrophes induced by climate change.

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