Kids in Denmark become filmmakers for European Cooperation Day

Working on a task, you strive to do your best – but some tasks mean more to you and really leave an imprint in your mind. To me, the annual European Cooperation Day event in Denmark, Together We are the Best, was one of those.

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Tuesday September 28, at 17:00 in the Library in Viborg, Denmark, the red carpet was out and the popcorn ready for the premiere of 12 short animated films made by 38 children aged 8-10 from Friskolen (the independent school) in Viborg.

For them, it was the culmination of many hours of working on the films – 4 weeks with dedicating every arts, English and nature-technology lesson for the work. The room was full and buzzing with expectation and excitement. And the expectations were more than met, as the more than 100 people audience gave a standing ovation in tribute to the young filmmakers.

Animation, like cooperation, is a universal language. The values and thoughts behind EC Day goes hand in hand with what we at ANIMOK stand for and the ‘Together we are the best’ project is a perfect example of that.

Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen, Head of VAF Film and ANIMOK
Marie Schlünsen, Interact Programme
Marie Schlünsen, Interact Programme


Afterwards, I had to wipe a tear from the corner of my eye. Out of relief (frankly speaking, I had my doubts about the outcome of films made by 8 -10 year olds) but also because I was touched by the result and the way the kids have been working and cooperating in this project. It is both very promising and comforting to know that the next generation of Europeans have cooperation as such a natural and integrated way of thinking and working. There is hope for the future – because together we are the best.

Together we are the best – facts


In Denmark, Interreg has joined forces with ANIMOK, Viborg Animation Festival in Viborg to involve students in celebrating cooperation. With support from ANIMOK, 158 Danish school children aged 8-12 from 8 classes, have turned into filmmakers. They have learned to make simple stop-motion films, from idea stage through production. They have produced everything themselves, including drawings for the videos. The teaching material consists of an introduction to Interreg and a guide on how to make animated stop-motion films. The films have been created in August and September 2021.

Check here one of the videos made by the kids