Jerome project in the eyes of a robot

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Hello, I am Linda, an item of equipment bought through the cross border cooperation programme Jerome and I will show you how we can act in the case of a chemical weapon or substance attack on the territories occupied by the two states that are separated by the Danube river. Does this sound interesting?

Before showcasing my own role, let us talk about the programme that allowed me to be here today. It is Interreg Europe which helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy.

300 delegates from all across the European Union have come to Bucharest for the Interreg Annual Meeting in the context of the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union and a third of them visited Giurgiu, in order to discover what I can do, to see me and the other items of equipment act through the Interreg project.

Linda doing her job. Photo: Adrian Lăzărescu

The Annual Interreg meeting (held in Bucharest on 22nd – 23rd of May) provided an ideal opportunity for European Territorial Cooperation practitioners (those cool guys who develop European projects) to get together under one roof, learn from each other’s experiences and share innovative solutions, stated Mr Marc Lemaitre, Director General of DG-Regio at the beginning of his speech. But I don’t want to bore you, it is enough to simply say that Interreg is a financing tool for regional development across borders.

But really, what can I do?  What kind of super powers do I have?

I was built to help troops collect data for a possible Romanian-Bulgarian intervention, in the case of an event in which strong explosives are used (chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear weapons). Alongside the other equipment, we spot substances, we collect them, we do research on them and ultimately destroy the plans of criminals.

An independent forensic laboratory also supports the Jerome project, by endowment from a national research institute with dedicated equipment for the analysis of evidence collected by operational units.

I am not the only one to intervene along with the other equipment in Romania and Bulgaria. The Jerome project has provided to the Special Actions and Interventions Services four trucks equipped to counter any possible criminal who uses dangerous substances. I will be on duty when this happens!  In order for me to be built, an investment from the European Regional Development Fund was required along with investment from the two states, amounting to approximately 6 million euros.  We’re quite expensive, aren’t we?

Furthermore, I guess that we all want a safe region, so that we must agree on improving joint risk management in the cross-border area. If I caught your attention, please do some research on the project website:

I don’t want to disappoint you, but it will not be me on the website ☺