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The true benefits of Interreg cooperation to our regions and us Europeans.
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Interreg Europe presents its results in style

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    Explore Interreg Europe’s web-documentary and discover the benefits of interregional cooperation through the eyes of five projects. Follow what happens when people from all across Europe come together to try and solve a

Happy European Cooperation Day!

As we do every year on September 21, we are celebrating the good results of the hard work by Interreg programmes throughout Europe and in its neighbourhood. It is an opportunity to demonstrate what Interreg

Winners of the Youth4Regions blogging contest

How to improve the waterway management in the Danube with Interreg’s support is the focus of the two winners of the blog contest organized by DG Regio for Romanian Journalism students in the framework of

Get inspired at ‘Europe, let’s cooperate!’

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‘Europe, let’s cooperate!‘, the fifth interregional cooperation forum organised by the Interreg Europe, takes place in Brussels on 10 April 2019. Are you a policymaker or a practitioner working on research and innovation, competitiveness of

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