Commission launches the Talent Booster Mechanism to support EU regions affected by demographic change

The European Commission has launched the Talent Booster Mechanism. This mechanism will support EU regions affected by the decline of their working age population to retain, develop and attract the people, the skills and the competences needed to address the impact of the demographic transition.

Talent Booster Mechanism by the European Commission

EU Member States are facing a sharp decline of their working age population. This population has decreased by 3.5 million people between 2015 and 2020 and is expected to shed an additional 35 million people by 2050.

The Talent Booster Mechanism will help EU regions face this issue, providing:

  • Access to tailored technical assistance for regions dealing with demographic challenges and brain divide
  • Working Groups exploring solutions for addressing common challenges related to demographic change and decline of tertiary educated population in the fields of Health, Digital, Research & Innovation and Territorial.
  • Events, workshops and webinars promoting dialogue, learning, and networking among platform users.
  • A dedicated helpdesk with guidance and assistance to regions in need, ensuring prompt and effective support.
  • Access to a database of knowledge, information, and best practices related to addressing demographic change and talent development in regions.
  • Opportunities to showcase success stories, innovative approaches, and good practices, inspiring and motivating others.

The Talent Booster Mechanism is a key initiative contributing to the European Year of Skills, aiming to bring a fresh impetus for re- and upskilling. It offers tailor-made, place based and multi-dimensional solutions, including the use of existing EU funds and initiatives to support regions most affected by the ongoing demographic transition and its side-effects and prevent the emergence of new and increased territorial disparities in the EU.

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