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Every single action matters in the fight against the impact of COVID-19, and Interreg is an active player in the game. Many Interreg, IPA CBC and ENI CBC projects help to tackle the diverse effects of the pandemic on different sectors of society. These projects can now be easily found in the project database by a simple text search term 'covid', which can also be combined with any other search criteria (e.g. theme or location) if needed.

The full list covers a variety of cooperation examples where projects have either prepared fruitful grounds for efficient cooperation during a crisis or directly support tackling it. Sometimes both. Examples vary from projects building support structures for the aging population at risk (e.g. Co-Age project) to helping SMEs overcome the challenges brought about by the pandemic (e.g. WINET project for SMEs in wine industry and Made in Danube project for companies producing bioeconomic products). Naturally, many projects are dealing also directly with health issues, like for instance Your health matters! project helping hospitals in a cross-border region to exchange equipment to treat COVID-19 patients better, or the DigiPee project producing face masks by 3D printing.

In case there are Interreg, IPA CBC or ENI CBC projects that do not yet carry the label but would deserve to do so, please inform Interact about it by an e-mail.

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