Interreg cooperation was celebrated by thousands

The celebrations for this year's European Cooperation Day (EC Day) have come to an end. This was another year of colourful events, happy people and many warm words about cooperation.

This year the Interreg, IPA CBC and ENI CBC programmes and their projects organised nearly 80 different events in 26 countries. At these events thousands of people got to see, hear and even taste real cooperation in the form of music, games, food, sports, nature, culture and much more. The programmes once again came up with great fun ways to show how important cooperation in Europe really is.

The Serbians and Bulgarians celebrated together at a craft fair dedicated to the shared traditions of the two countries. The Italians and Austrians in the Tyrolian border region focused on their common history through photography. The ENI CBC programmes joined their efforts by getting Belgian youth involved in the kick-off of a cultural project, the end result of which will be a report on cooperation benefits from the outer borders of the EU. The Estonians and Latvians planted oak trees together. People in Valencia watched films about cooperation. Brave explorers from Bulgaria and Turkey spent a day outdoors ‘biking, hiking and canoeing over the border’ —just to name some of the events that took place as part of EC Day 2017.

Many events have also been very visible in both social and traditional media. A lot of colourful photos and festive feeling can be found via the European Cooperation Day Facebook page.

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