Interreg Cooperation Day – Services offered by Interact

By Rosa Escamilla, Interact Programme

If you are part of an Interreg programme or project, this article is for you. Planning a local event for Interreg Cooperation Day has never been easier with Interact's selection of services. Every September 21st, cultural and recreational events are organised in regions across the continent as part of this celebration.

Interact provides a range of services to support your event:

  • Use the promotional video to energise participants.
  • Use the detailed guide for your local events 2024, which includes step-by-step instructions, helpful tips and creative ideas.
  • Access a complete package of visual materials, including logos, banners, and icons, ready for download here.
  • Maximize your event’s impact by joining the 2024 joint social media campaign, aimed at enhancing your social media reach.
  • Increase visibility by submitting an article about your event to for publication on the website.

This year’s theme “EU Values overcoming borders,” emphasises cooperation and unity. Interact offers insights on leveraging your event for the Post-27 consultation with citizens. Explore their comprehensive presentations for campaign preparations.

Using these resources will ensure your Interreg Cooperation Day event is well-organised, impactful and engaging!

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