Following the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how has Interreg helped artists and workers throughout the cultural sector?

The coronavirus pandemic has hit many industries hard, including the cultural and creative industries. Across Europe, theatres, live music venues, galleries, nightclubs, cinemas and museums have fallen silent.

But how have musicians and other artists reacted to the crisis themselves? And what is being done behind the scenes to help the cultural industries weather the storm?

‘Culture in crisis’. the new episode of the podcast This is Europe explores that response – and the support they received from the Interreg community. You can already listen to it here. This episode is the first of a six-part new season that gives the inside story on how real change is being delivered to citizens throughout the EU – and beyond – and across priority areas such as the environment, sustainability, the circular economy, food production, migration, social inclusion and culture.

There will be a new episode coming out every Wednesday. Check them out here:

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