How Interreg boosts skills: Stories of cooperation told by IVY volunteers

Interact has a new tool to demonstrate the real benefits of Interreg cooperation to our regions and us Europeans. It's called the "Stories of European Cooperation" magazine, a series of articles written by young participants in the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) program. The magazine is published by Interact in collaboration with the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).

Stories of cooperation cover

The first issue of this year focuses on the European Year of Skills. IVY volunteers, namely Thanos, Adriana, Sara, Silvia, and Clara, have chosen Interreg projects in the field of acquiring new skills.

Helping citizens gain new skills is a crucial strategy that Interreg contributes to. It aims to ensure more and better jobs in all regions and enhance the ability to address local challenges. The IVY volunteers involved showcase this effort by reporting on successful Interreg projects in their regions. These projects span various sectors, including creativity, resource management, and hospitality.

Laura Belenguer, Communications Manager at Interact and curator of this magazine, said: “Interreg has been (and is!) working on that through thousands of projects all over Europe. In the last programming period alone, 1,600 Interreg projects aimed at improving people’s skills in the labor market were carried out. As of now, a total of 27 projects have been developed or are under development in this field for the period 2021-2027. These numbers demonstrate that Interreg has a tangible impact, and we need to communicate these examples and recognize the beneficiaries by name.”

Discover how Interreg influences our daily lives from the perspective of young people. Read here the Stories of European Cooperation.

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