Interreg Cooperation Day: A pathway to your Post-27 Citizens’ Consultation

By Rosa Escamilla, Interact Programme

Are you part of an Interreg programme seeking innovative ways to engage your community in the Post-27 Citizens' Consultation? Interreg Cooperation Day might be the perfect solution! This campaign serves as an ideal platform for hosting interactive activities that promote open dialogue among citizens.

The Interreg Cooperation Day is an Interact initiative designed to foster cooperation and citizen participation through engaging, fun and public events in your area. By incorporating the Post-27 Citizens’ Consultation into your local event, you can create a dynamic and accessible environment where all community members can share their ideas and concerns.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide about the 2024 campaign, filled with innovating ideas for conducting public consultations and efficiently collecting valuable feedback from participants.

Involving the community in decision-making processes not only promotes transparency and trust but also ensures that policies and projects reflect the true needs and desires of the citizens. By using the Interreg Cooperation Day as a catalyst for the Post-27 Citizens’ Consultation, you can build a foundation for a more inclusive and representative future. Let’s work together to create a space where cooperation and participation thrive, shaping a better tomorrow for everyone.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in your community. Plan your Interreg Cooperation Day event, incorporate the Post-27 Citizens’ Consultation, and foster an open and constructive dialogue.

For more information and tips on how to organise your event, refer to the provided guide.

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