Interreg Europe presents its results in style

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Woman finds a new start in life working for a social enterprise in Sweden



Explore Interreg Europe’s web-documentary and discover the benefits of interregional cooperation through the eyes of five projects.

Follow what happens when people from all across Europe come together to try and solve a common problem. Spoiler alert: they find solutions more easily.

The projects’ results

Watch the projects tell their stories. Then satisfy your curiosity by learning more about how they found a solution. What did they achieve? How did they change policies in their region? Where did their inspiration come from?

Discover our five project stories:

The programme results

Scroll through Interreg Europe’s timeline to find out all about the programme’s achievements. What did they do? When did they do it? What milestones and targets did they meet?

See the number of regional policies their projects have improved. Or the amount of European funds they’ve influenced. As the icing on the cake, you can visualise the extent of interregional cooperation across all of Europe in a circular graph.

Watch now

So what are you waiting for? Watch their stories of results. See what happens when people work together. And spread the word! See you at

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