New call for proposals to find solutions to cross-border obstacles with b-solutions 2.0

The Association of European Border Regions and the European Commission’s DG REGIO launched a new call for proposals in the framework of the b-solutions 2.0. Solving Cross-Border Obstacles initiative, to enhance cooperation across borders.

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The call addresses legal or administrative obstacles that hinder cooperation in neighbouring regions. To quote an example from previously selected cases, people living in the Netherlands but working in Germany have difficulties to make use of benefits and care for their children when they are sick. The obstacle is mostly due to the difficulty to proof the illness of the child as usually doctors in the Netherlands do not issue such a sick note. Besides, many workers are unaware that they are even entitled to such benefits. Different administrative procedures in the two countries result in a clear disadvantage for people living and working across borders. The analysis provided through b-solutions shed some light on the issue and provided solutions, such as the establishment of a bilateral agreement between the competent social security bodies.  With the new call launched with the b-solutions 2.0 initiative, AEBR and DG REGIO aim to identify further cases of legal or administrative obstacles which hinder cooperation across borders, and to help them find solutions to them. Eligible are all land and maritime borders between EU countries, EU-IPA countries and EU-EFTA countries. As such, b-solutions complements the work of Interreg programmes and offers new tools to actors involved in Interreg. Public bodies (cities, regions, hospitals, transport agencies, …) and cross-border structures such as Euroregions and EGTCs are invited to submit cases of cross-border obstacles. Selected cases receive technical assistance from legal experts: after a deep analysis, the expert suggests potential solutions to overcome the obstacle.

Participation can be useful for stakeholders to follow up on the implementation of Interreg projects and can benefit cooperation in the regions of an Interreg Programme. It also helps raise awareness on cross-border cooperation and design better policies for European integration.
A new element of this call is that applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with immediate implementation. Deadline to apply is 28 February 2023. More information and the link to apply can be found here:

The b-solutions team organises an info session on Wednesday 30 November, 11:30-12:15 CET to present the b-solutions initiative and walk you through the application – registration here.

For personalised guidance on your application, you can also book here an individual Zoom call with a member of the b-solutions team.

From simplifying the procedures of remote working along the border between Portugal and Spain to improving cross-border healthcare services along the Polish-Lithuanian border, b-solutions is a useful tool that has proved its significance in the cross-border world. 90 cases of legal or administrative obstacles have been collected and analysed, resulting in numerous solutions to improve the life of people in border regions. With the new call, more solutions can be identified, for better cooperation across borders in the European Union.


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