Podcast – The future of EU cohesion policy: The emerging debate

Early work is underway on the post-2027 reform of EU cohesion policy. This creates a unique opportunity for regional and local stakeholders to influence national positions and those of the European institutions at an early stage, well before the actual start of the legislative process.

EP Plenary session - Voting session
EP Plenary session - Voting session

This reflection process is not only technical, but is also highly political because it touches on many of the challenges the EU is facing. Key issues include the degree to which other EU policies support cohesion objectives; the balance between the policy’s use in crises and its focus on longer-term goals; the future governance of the policy; where and how its effectiveness can be improved; the continued need to develop institutional capacity; and the impact of any new Member States potentially joining the EU during the next funding period.

This new podcast by the European Parliamentary Research Service summarises the debate and its main milestones. For more information, see here the paper publication behind the podcast.

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