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    Programme Thematic Objectives

    • Thematic objective Business and SME development Investment priority Growing cross-border business cooperation is dedicated to activities which improve the preconditions for the businesses and SME’s to operate cross the border. Specific objective
      • To create new working possibilities with cross-border cooperation for those already living in the region and also for people willing to move to the region, with special focus being on young people.
    • Thematic objective Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage Investment priority Attractive cultural environment Specific objective
      • Activities on culture focus on the development of new and innovative forms of culture. The cross-border environment offers new opportunities, especially for cultural activities. Capacity building of cultural stakeholders is seen as a key development area including inter alia the entrepreneurship skills as a whole, knowhow on marketing and the building of cooperation networks. Capacity-building activities aim also to improve the cost-effectiveness of the enterprises working in the cultural sector.
    • Thematic objective Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation Investment priority Clean and comfortable region to live Specific objective
      • Clean environment and diverse and unique culture are strengths and key attraction factors of the Programme region. Objective of the priority is to use these attraction factors as an inducement for people to stay or move to the region.
      • Environmental activities focus on improving the living environments – including also the built environment. The utilisation of environmental technology and expertise – including pure drinking water and waste management as well as energy efficiency offers possibilities with mutual benefit and explicitly improve the peoples living conditions. Expertise is available in the programme area though there are also large-scale development needs. Attention is also paid to the activities improving environmental awareness and knowhow.
    • Thematic objective Improvement of accessibility to the regions, development of sustainable and climate-proof transport and communication networks and systems Investment priority Functioning border crossing Specific objective
      • Possibility to cross the border fluently and easily is one key precondition for active cross-border cooperation – for both people and businesses. Border infrastructure forms the cornerstone for physical connections. Karelia CBC programme shall focus on removing the bottlenecks on the Programme area’s international border crossing points and this way tries to lower the threshold for people to travel across the border. Also, the conditions for goods traffic are considered.
      • Programme’s operations under this priority include large infrastructure investments identified as direct awards.
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  • Currently there are neither job vacancies or calls for projects open for this programme

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Following the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and in line with the Commission’s decision to fully implement all EU restrictive measures, the Commission has suspended the cooperation with Russia and its ally Belarus in the European Neighbourhood Instrument cross-border cooperation programmes (ENI CBC) as well as in the Interreg Baltic Sea region programme.

This means, among others, that no further payments to Russia or Belarus will be made. The suspension has immediate effect for the nine ENI CBC programmes involving Russia and Belarus and for the transnational programme Interreg Baltic Sea region under the programming period 2014-2020. The overall EU funding for the eight programmes with Russia is €178 million, while the total EU funding for the two programmes with Belarus amounts to €257 million. The regulation on the ENI cooperation programme provides for their suspension in case of breaches to international law, human rights, democratic principles and rule of law.  

Cooperation with both countries in programmes under the new programming period 2021-2027 is also suspended. 

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said: “The Russian military aggression is a blatant violation of the UN Charter, international law and the rules-based order. Suspending all cross-border and transnational programmes and payments to Russia and Belarus and, at the same time, strengthening the support to Ukraine is a concrete expression of European and Cohesion policy solidarity with the Ukrainian people.” 

As a result, it was understood that the EU and Norwegian beneficiaries can carry on the project operations, whereas the activities and financial flows on the Russian and Belarusian side have to be suspended.  


Karelia CBC is a cross-border cooperation programme creating an attractive region for people and business in Kainuu, North Karelia and Oulu region in Finland, and in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Growing cross-border business cooperation, Attractive cultural environment, Clean and comfortable region to live, and Well-functioning border-crossings are the objectives of the Programme.

The projects funded by the Programme need to be in line with these objectives. The Programme finances development, infrastructure and micro-projects that benefit the programme region. Finnish and Russian partners implement the projects in cooperation with each other.

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