• Programme Thematic Objectives

    • Better public administration

        Investment priority 11

        • To improve management and control capacity of ETC programmes. The aim is to contribute to an efficient and effective implementation of ETC programmes, addressing also the shift towards more simplified and standardised programme management. Management is to be understood in a broad sense and covers all aspects of the life cycle of ETC programmes: from the programming phase to the closure, including all programme and project management issues as well as finance, control and communication.

        • To improve the ETC capacity in capturing and communicating the programme results. Smooth implementation of ETC programmes in regards to the thematic concentration and the focus on results. In addition, the effects of ETC on Cohesion Policy should be more clearly identified. Increased visibility of ETC as a whole, on the basis of the results achieved. Increased networking, also at a strategic level.

        • To improve the cooperation management capacity to implement innovative approaches (EGTC, Revolving Funds, MRSs, Article 96, ITI, etc.). New mechanisms have emerged over time to simplify cooperation, make it more sustainable, effective and appealing for new partners. INTERACT III shall enhance this, in identifying and sharing innovative practices. Cooperation in objective 1, Integrated Territorial Investment, Community-Led Local Development, Revolving Funds, and EGTCs are only some of the tools.

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  • Currently there are neither job vacancies or calls for projects open for this programme

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Interact holds an enabling role among territorial cooperation programmes. We provide services free of charge to Interreg, Interreg-IPA CBC and ENI CBC stakeholders. In the last years we have also explored new ways for cooperation beyond Interreg.

Our duty is to make their work more efficient by establishing platforms for knowledge exchange, identifying and spreading good practices, providing guidance and support as well as developing innovative and or harmonised approaches.

We put it in practice in a variety of ways. We organise learning events bringing together expertise across Europe, we create and manage a wide range of online tools and we produce publications and studies to meet current needs.

We are devoted to streamline public administration and improve the ability of policy-makers to develop and implement better policies. In 2014-2020, we have three objectives: (1) improve the management capacity of Interreg programmes; (2) improve the Interreg capacity in capturing/communicating results; (3) improve the implementation of new ways of cooperation.

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