Interreg Amazonia (cross-border)

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The Interreg cross-border Programme Amazonia, based on historical collaboration with Suriname and the State of Amapá in Brazil, is dedicated to subsidising operational projects. Thus, investment actions, acquisition of new equipment, structuring, training, etc. will be privileged

Examples of actions

Development of Transport

  • Establishment of a ferry of greater capacity on the Maroni (to ensure the road connection between Saint-Laurent and Albina). Several phases of this project are already under investigation: feasibility studies, shoreline development, etc.
  • Related projects, related to the development of equipment near the ferry pier and the Oyapock bridge,
  • Road and river transport of school children in the Maroni and Oyapock valleys,
  • Support for the implementation of bus links between the territories of the cooperation zone, between Cayenne and Macapa in particular,
  • School road transport in cross-border areas,
  • Actions on transport safety (buoyage, emergency equipment, etc.).

Biodiversity and Crops

  • Joint testing of new solutions and methods for preserving and restoring biodiversity
  • Joint implementation of projects on shared or contiguous spaces
  • Trainings on setting up and deepening sustainable labeling
  • Communication, awareness raising on issues of sustainable management of resources
  • Promotion of traditional cultures and know-how
  • Digitization (and other information and communication technologies) of the intangible heritage,
  • Improved accessibility to museums, cultural centers, etc.

Health and Social

  • Prevention and family support actions
  • Joint awareness and prevention actions on the main natural risks
  • Management of vulnerable populations
  • Development of health prevention projects
  • Collective hygiene measures / disease prevention


  • Support for the participation of companies in international fairs,
  • Cross-border language training
  • Joint training on the regulations of the different markets, business law, European standards, the economic context of the cooperation zone, brakes on trade, etc.
  • Studies and diagnoses of the strengths and weaknesses of companies applying for export in the cross-border area
  • Development of an information portal on international approaches
  • Development of innovative processes
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