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The transnational programme, dedicated to establishing and/or strengthening cooperation with Guyana, Amazonas and Pará, will prioritize research and networking activities.

Examples of actions by axis for the transnational aspect:

Transport development

  • Studies on the development potential of fluvial transport of passengers and goods between the territories of the cooperation area
  • Studies on regional cabotage (of goods and passengers)
  • Exchanges of experiences and training on port trades
  • Studies on the development of transit zones in airports
  • Studies on the consolidation of existing airlines
  • Studies on the feasibility and conditions for the creation of airlines between the territories of the cooperation zone (in particular with Guyana)
  • Meetings, forums, transnational symposiums on the coordination of transport supply

Biodiversity and cultures

  • Harmonization of environmental rules
  • R & D projects for the valorization of natural resources
  • Projects to reduce GHG emissions
  • Research projects in the humanities and social sciences
  • Mutualization of university training modules
  • Publication of collective works in the different languages ​​of the Program
  • Networking Resource Centers on Common Cultural Heritage.

Health and social

  • Exchange of good practices and development of distance medicine Forums, symposiums or public research seminars aimed at disseminating and promoting knowledge on common health and social issues
  • Development of tools for networking, data sharing and exchanges between transnational actors involved


  • Studies and diagnoses on the conditions and possibilities of trade and establishment of companies
  • Support for company, EPCI or interprofessional participation at international fairs
  • Support for networking of innovation and entrepreneurship actors
  • Collaborative projects involving research, training and business actors
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