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6th September 2024
Third call for small-scale projects Interreg Aurora
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Interreg Aurora is a brand new programme in the European Interreg community for cross-border cooperation 2021-2027.

The programme offers great opportunities and enables new and exciting cross-border cooperation in the northernmost part of Europe and Sápmi. The Interreg Aurora has a unique feature, the Programme is integrated with Sápmi and the indigenous Sami people.

Great ideas know no borders
The overall goal of the Interreg Aurora Programme 2021-2027 is to encourage cross-border collaboration and thereby strengthening the competitiveness, sustainability and attractiveness of the Programme area through social inclusion, digitalisation and green transition.

Sustainable development is an overarching goal in Interreg Aurora. The three dimensions of sustainable development – social, ecological and economic sustainability – will therefore be taken into account as horizontal principles.

Programme area
The Interreg Aurora Programme area is divided into two geographical sub-areas – Aurora and Sápmi.

Interreg Aurora


The total funding for the Interreg Aurora Programme is approximately 205 million Euro, including EU-funding, Norwegian IR-funding and national co-funding. 

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