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29th September 2023
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The Interreg Programme VI-A Austria-Hungary 2021-2027 has a budget of 46 million euros, 80% of which is funded by the EU. The programme aims to improve life across the Austria-Hungary border.

Here’s what it focuses on:

1. Green & Tough Border Region: Building a region that’s environmentally friendly and can withstand challenges.

– Connect climate science with real-life solutions.
– Get ready for and manage natural hazards.
– Find green solutions for cities and small businesses.

2. Sustainable Water Management: Managing water sources smartly.

– Protect rivers from pollution and overuse.
– Keep an eye on flooding and share information.
– Educate everyone on smart water use.

3. Nature Conservation: Looking after the environment and reducing pollution.

– Learn about and protect local wildlife.
– Work together across industries to protect nature.
– Educate people on the importance of a healthy environment.

4. Better Transport: Creating sustainable and smart travel options.

– Develop cross-border travel services that are safe and green.
– Make it easier to use different types of transport.
– Raise awareness on smart travel choices.

5. Quality Education for All: Making education accessible and inclusive.

– Coordinate learning activities to build trust and understanding.
– Harmonise vocational training and tackle the skills gap.

6. Culture & Tourism for Growth: Using culture and tourism for social and economic growth.

– Develop a joint approach to valuing natural and cultural heritage.
– Focus on sustainable tourism.
– Innovate in the tourism sector.
– Support the cultural and hospitality sectors through challenges like COVID-19.
– Enhance digital processes in culture and tourism.

7. Working Together Across Borders: Making border regions work better by improving how governments, citizens and organisations cooperate.

– Monitor and share data.
– Develop joint strategies.
– Implement solutions for better governance.
– Develop skills and raise awareness for better cooperation.

In all these areas, taking care of the environment is central to ensure sustainable development.

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