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21st June 2024
Third call for applications: submit your Project Idea Form by 17 April!
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What is Interreg Baltic Sea Region?

Solutions for a green and resilient Baltic Sea region

Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 is a source of EU funding. We offer more than money: we bring together cultures, perspectives and expertise to get the best ideas and joint solutions. With our support, projects drive the transition to a green and resilient region. Jointly, we make the life of people around the Baltic Sea better.

Which area is covered by the Programme?

The area of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme covers nine countries: eight EU Member States and one non-EU country. The Programme covers an area of around 2.9 million km² with a population of 80 million inhabitants. It stretches from central parts of Europe up to its northernmost periphery, comprising European metropolitan areas, while major parts of the programme area are counted as rural.

What is funded and how?

With experience and EU funding, we help organisations from countries around the Baltic Sea to cooperate and put their ideas into practice. These ideas need to fit into one of four thematic priorities and help build Innovative societies (Priority 1), Water-smart societies (Priority 2), Climate-neutral societies (Priority 3) or Cooperation governance (Priority 4).

To learn more about the Programme, you are invited to visit the Programme website and explore what our projects have achieved so far on our Project library.

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