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  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • A greener, low-carbon Europe

        RSO 2.4 Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

        • I- Integrated rescue system and environment
          The aim is to increase the readiness and the capacity of relevant cross-border entities in the field of threats and disasters in border areas. These activities include adaptation to the changing nature of individual threats and their intensity, which are affected by climate change (e.g. in the context of deepening drought).

        RSO 2.7 Biodiversity and green infrastructure

        • I- Integrated rescue system and environment
          Supported activities under this objective will strengthen coordinated approaches to environmental protection in the field of biodiversity and green infrastructure. It will be achieved by:
          - cross-border cooperation in the form of exchange of information on natural resources and sources of pollution,
          - exchange of good practices in the field of natural resources management,
          - harmonisation of the approach to protection
          - monitoring of the occurrence of species
          - joint management of natural resources, primarily in environmentally valuable areas, such as national/landscape parks.

    • A more social Europe implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights

        RSO 4.6 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism

        • II- Tourism
          The aim here is to use tourism in a more sustainable way for the economic development of the border area.
          Therefore, the programme focuses on making the offer of the border more attractive by combining already existing tourist products or creating new cross-border products (e.g. extend the tourist season and redirect visitors to less exposed locations). Sustainable tourism protects the environment in order to achieve appropriate, continuous and sustainable economic development for present and future generations. Elements that guarantee sustainable development include: development of tourism for the benefit of tourists and residents, respect for the natural and cultural environment, and ensuring socio-economic development and competitiveness of tourist destinations/destinations and enterprises.
          Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the related restrictions directly affecting tourism, it is advisable to support the stabilisation of the situation in this sector and secure further development of tourism and related services.
          Therefore, one-off, isolated actions will not be supported, but only those that contribute to a long-term and comprehensive solution to tourism issues.

    • A more connected Europe – mobility and regional ICT connectivity

        RSO 3.2 Developing and enhancing sustainable, climate resilient, intelligent and intermodal national, regional and local mobility, including improved access to TEN-T and cross-border mobility

        • III- Transport
          Initiatives supported must contribute to increasing cross-border mobility and enhance sustainable economic development of the programme area. Support for rail mobility will help to improve cross-border connections between urban agglomerations and tourist attractions, and will also affect the transfer of part of the traffic from roads to railway lines. It will also help reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment and improve the quality of life of the residents.
          An additional effect of the actions listed below will be to improve the safety and fluidity of cross-border mobility. Reconstruction of bridges, roads and railway lines will increase the capacity of cross-border traffic. Digitisation in cross-border transport will introduce smart solutions to cross-border transport, enable better management and facilitate better coordination in the event of adverse weather conditions, as well as during peak traffic periods. Support for public transport and zero-emission individual transport will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, protecting the environment and climate.

    • A better cooperation governance

        RSO 6.2 Enhance efficient public administration

        • IV- Collaboration between institutions and residents
          The purpose of supporting public administration is to improve the conditions for its operation and the development of cross-border cooperation in a given area.
          Supported project under this objective will identify specific obstacles and find solutions to problems that are common on both sides of the border. Thanks to mutual cooperation, transfer of experience and good practices, or a new approach to solving a specific problem, there will be savings in the planning and use of public funds and public infrastructure. Cooperation will enable the creation of common standards for further cross-border activities, which will facilitate the subsequent implementation of public benefit projects and improve the quality of services provided in the public interest. The coordination of activities of public administration bodies will be deepened and the provision of cross-border public services will be intensified.
          Public administration units may prepare joint studies, concepts and strategies, exchange information, data and knowledge or conduct other activities of a similar nature. These projects will help remove obstacles and barriers to territorial development both in the entire borderland and at the local level. Under this specific objective, activities related to administrative and legal barriers in the area of the integrated rescue system, which are included in Priority 1, will not be supported.
          The activities will be assessed as compliant with the "do no significant harm" principle as they are not expected to have any significant negative impact on the environment by their nature.

        RSO 6.3 Build up mutual trust

        • IV- Collaboration between institutions and residents
          Supported actions will aim at deepening cross-border relations between institutions and residents of the Czech-Polish border area. The cooperation of the inhabitants of the border area is the basis for strong mutual trust. These projects will mainly contribute to strengthening the social and civic cohesion of the cross-border region and will help in overcoming prejudices and historical barriers. Prejudices and historical barriers are one of the elements that hinder full socio-cultural integration of regions and societies from both sides of the border.
          The cooperation of residents is difficult to implement without the support of public administration institutions, especially at the local and regional level. Therefore, it is necessary to support these institutions through activities aimed at bringing them closer together

    • A smarter Europe – innovative and smart economic transformation

        RSO 1.3 Enhancing sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs, including by productive investments

        • V- Entrepreneurship
          Supported initiatives under this objective aim at:
          - supporting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs to strengthen their sustainable cross-border development.
          - creating cross-border innovation and research links between enterprises and research organisations are also supported. This applies only to projects in the area of business expansion.
          Only the activities of organisations and entities from the business environment can receive funding.

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The programme enables the financing of cross-border projects in the Czech-Polish border area. It is managed by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic. The main contact points for programme applicants and grant recipients are the Joint Secretariat based in Olomouc and regional offices located in the program territory.

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