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9th June 2023
Interreg Europe - second call for project proposals
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    Who we are

    Interreg Europe is an interregional cooperation programme, co-funded by the European Union. The European Union strives to reduce disparities in the levels of development, growth and quality of life in and across Europe’s regions. Our programme contributes to this objective and runs from 2021 to 2027.

    We have a budget of MEUR 379 to help local, regional and national governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy. We create an environment and opportunities for sharing solutions to regional development issues. We support the exchange of good practices and policy learning among European regions in 29 countries – the EU27, Norway and Switzerland.

    Topics we cover

    Our programme contributes to all EU priorities and strives for better regional governance through capacity building.

    For further details, visit our website

    Who can benefit

    Public authorities
    • national, regional, local public authorities
    • other relevant bodies responsible for developing and/ or implementing regional development policies
    • authorities responsible for developing and/ or implementing the Investment for jobs and growth programmes
    Organisations relevant for regional development policies
    • Business support organisations (development agencies, innovation agencies, chambers of commerce, clusters, etc.)
    • Environmental organisations (environmental agencies, energy agencies, NGOs, etc.)
    • Education and research institutions (universities, research centres, etc.)

    (the list is not exhaustive)

    Two paths to better policies

    Interregional cooperation projects

    Our projects bring together a fixed number of partners from different regions who exchange and transfer experience on a shared regional development issue.

    Policy Learning Platform

    Our Platform‘s team of experts make our programme’s results and achievements accessible to all through a range of policy-learning services.

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