Interreg Rhin Supérieur | Oberrhein

  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • Research and innovation

        Investment priority 1A

        • Expansion of the crossborder research capacity for R&I excellence in the Upper Rhine

        Investment priority 1B

        • Increased participation of companies in cross border R&D projects with research and higher education institutions

        • Increase of applications and innovations developed by transnational consortia from the Upper Rhine area

    • Environment and resource efficiency

        Investment priority 6D

        • Conservation improvement of the cross border area in the Upper Rhine

        • Improving the quality of ecosystem services in the Upper Rhine

        Investment priority 6G

        • Reduce environmental impacts in the context of economic and residential developments in the Upper Rhine

    • Sustainable transport

        Investment Priority 7C

        • Limiting the growth of cross border, motorized transport through the development of poorer load modes of transport in the Upper Rhine area

    • Competitiveness of SMEs

        Investment priority 3B

        • Expansion of cross border development and sales opportunities for SMEs in the Upper Rhine

    • Employment and Mobility

        Investment priority 8B

        • Increase the employment supply through the development of strategically relevant economic sectors in the Upper Rhine

        Investment priority 8ETC

        • Increase in the cross border employment in the Upper Rhine

    • Better public administration

        Investment priority 11ETC

        • Improvement of cross-border services offered by the administration and institutions

        • Increasing the identification of citizens with the Upper Rhine as a cross border region

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  • Currently there are neither job vacancies or calls for projects open for this programme

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    Rhin supérieur-Oberrhein is a European Union programme to support cross-border cooperation Interreg programmes were initiated in 1989 by the European Union.

    Today there are more than 100 programmes along the EU’s internal and external borders. They make it possible to finance joint and cross-border projects, with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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