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 Hallo Nachbar. Ahoj sousede. The greeting is the motto of the cooperation programme to promote cross-border cooperation between the State of Saxony and the Czech Republic. For the third time, the European Union is providing tens of millions of funds to further reduce the border barriers between Saxony and the Czech Republic and to increase the quality of life in the border area.

Together, is the key word for Saxon-Czech cooperation projects. This means that at least one German and one Czech partner plan, implement and finance their projects together and provide joint staff. Three of these four criteria are a prerequisite for funding. The lead partner principle is binding for all cooperation projects, as it contributes significantly to intensifying cooperation across borders and establishing long-term partnerships.
Projects are supported in the four main areas of

Visit the programme website to find information about the general conditions, contact persons, dates as well as current topics relating to the cooperation programme.

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