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  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • A greener, low-carbon Europe

        RSO 2.1 Energy efficiency

        • Indicative actions:
          • The programme focuses on innovative actions to upgrade buildings and improve energy efficiency, including integrating active and passive systems and piloting efficient energy management. The goals are to reduce carbon emissions, promote energy efficiency, and achieve energy autonomy.
          • Pilot projects will strengthen energy communities, aiming to enhance energy efficiency, promote sustainability, and reduce carbon emissions. Public awareness campaigns are an integral part of the program's success.

        RSO 2.4 Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

        • Indicative actions:
          • Collaborative nature-based solutions will protect ecosystems from climate change risks, promoting resilience and mitigating climate impacts. Measures include restoring vegetation, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing ecosystem services.
          • Joint action plans will address risks like floods, fires, and erosion, improving disaster prevention and climate resilience through research networks and sharing of best practices.

        RSO 2.7 Biodiversity and green infrastructure

        • Indicative actions:
          • Measures are being implemented to protect the natural environment and biodiversity from invasive alien species, aiming to stabilize ecosystems, prevent natural disasters, and ensure sustainability.
          • A web GIS platform is being developed to provide accessible marine data, promoting the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment and ecosystem.
          • Actions are focused on protecting, restoring, and promoting species, habitats, protected areas, and urban green spaces. Public awareness is crucial for the success of these efforts.
          Grants are considered the appropriate form of support for the program's actions and financial needs.

    • A more social Europe implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights

        RSO 4.3 Promoting the socioeconomic inclusion

        • • Support is provided to accommodation structures and services for vulnerable groups, promoting social inclusion. This includes people with disabilities and unaccompanied migrant/refugee minors. Cooperation, productive employment, and expertise exchange are key elements.
          • For people with disabilities, the focus is on accommodation, health services, and support to integrate into society and the job market. A Multifunctional Center will provide rehabilitation therapies, social skills development, and productive employment opportunities.
          • Unaccompanied migrant/refugee minors receive distance learning in Greek language, culture, civic engagement, and digital skills. The goal is integration, language proficiency, and civic participation. Digital literacy and responsible social media use are emphasized.
          Cooperation between the two countries enables knowledge exchange and the development of a service model for unaccompanied minors, benefiting accommodation structure teachers.

        RSO 4.6 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism

        • Indicative actions:
          • Actions promote alternative tourism forms and utilize existing infrastructure, aiming to enhance sustainability, extend the tourist season, and promote cultural heritage.
          • Accessibility to tourist and cultural sites is prioritized for all population groups, ensuring equal treatment and social inclusion.
          • Innovative technologies are employed to promote tourist attractions and environmental sites, strengthening the role of culture in economic development and sustainable tourism.
          • Cultural heritage, including intangible aspects and contemporary arts, is revived, represented, and disseminated to support economic development and sustainable tourism. Support for cultural sites encourages private investment and sustainability criteria are set for long-term results.

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1st November 2019

Last open call closed on 1st November 2019

4th Call for Project Proposals (4η Πρόσκληση Υποβολής Προτάσεων)
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The programme, through targeted investments of 57.48 million euros, will contribute to the protection of the environment, the promotion of socio-economic development through the strengthening of culture, sustainable tourism and the social economy, as well as greater safety and protection in the region thus constituting a strong driver for the development of the cross-border cooperation area for the period 2021-2027.

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