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With a €106 million budget, the Interreg VI-A Greece-Italy Programme is set to boost innovation for a smarter and more competitive region. It aims to focus on eco-friendly and digital growth, support a clean energy transition, invest in recycling and sustainable resources, improve access to quality education, and strengthen the ability of public bodies and local groups to carry out large-scale strategies.

This budget is made up of 75% funding from the European Regional Development Fund (roughly €79.6 million), and 25% from the national funds of Greece and Italy. The programme’s ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life for citizens through the development of cross-border projects and new policies, products, and services.

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  • Joint Secretariat in Bari (IT)

  • +39 080 5406575
    +39 080 5406575
  • Joint Secretariat Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Greece-Italy 2014-2020 Puglia Region Coordination of International Policies – Territorial Cooperation Section Lungomare Nazario Sauro 31,33 – 70125 Bari
  • Hellenic Republic Ministry of Development & Investments

  • +30 2310 469600
    +30 2310 469659
  • Hellenic Republic Ministry of Development & Investments
    Zeda Building, 2nd floor-65, Georgikis Sholis Av.
    570 01 - Pylaia Thessaloniki, Greece

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