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The Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland Co-operation Programme 2014-2020 contributes to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy in line with the EU Regulations and the New Swiss Regional Policy (NPR), identifying the common needs on both sides of the border.

It is intended to generate significant change in the area of ​​cooperation both in terms of competitiveness growth and strengthening of economic and social cohesion within the reference area. The Program also aims at enhancing the resources available to border areas in a network logic that allows:

  • to enhance synergies and complementarities arising from the peculiarities of the two sides;
  • “Make critical mass” to facilitate the introduction of innovations and give more visibility to the territory;
  • to enjoy economies of scale in the management of services and the promotion of local resources, also by strengthening the quality of data and the reliability of information;
  • Strengthen and consolidate the skills and capacity of local actors to undertake interventions for the benefit of the whole area of ​​cooperation, thus facilitating the solution of common problems.,

The Programme’s strategy is declined in 5 Aces, in addition to the one dedicated to Technical Assistance, reflecting the areas of intervention where cooperation between the actors of the two sides of the border can bring significant added value in the two countries:

Axis 1 Competitiveness of Enterprises
Axis 2 Valorization of the natural and cultural heritage
Axis 3 Integrated and Sustainable Mobility
Axis 4 Services for community integration
Axis 5 Strengthening cross-border governance
Axis 6 Technical assistance

The Programme area is one of the EU’s external borders and is strategically located both in the European continent as a whole and in the transnational cooperation areas of the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Alpine Space.

The Programme’s financial allocation amounts to € 158,435,912.00, of which € 100,221,466 for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), € 17,686,145.00 for the national part and € 40,528 .301,00 (CHF 42,960,000) by the Swiss Confederation (of which CHF 21,480,000.00 of federal and cantonal funding).

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