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Interreg Latvia – Lithuania

  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • A better cooperation governance

        RSO 6.6 Other actions to support better cooperation governance

        • Projects will aid authorities in addressing societal challenges, increase public trust, and boost community involvement.

          • Public service improvement
          • Encouraging community participation
          • Skill enhancement for authorities

          Outcome: Strengthened public institutions and better cross-border collaborations.

          Partners: Public bodies and NGOs.

    • A greener, low-carbon Europe

        RSO 2.4 Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

        • Projects will boost climate impact understanding and enable holistic adaptation measures.

          Activities include:
          • Joint natural site management
          • Green/blue flood protection
          • Climate impact monitoring
          • Emergency service collaboration
          • Organisational training
          • Outcome: Enhanced climate impact knowledge, effective climate adaptation, and improved emergency coordination.

          Partners: Public bodies and NGOs.

        RSO 2.7 Biodiversity and green infrastructure

        • Projects focus on enhancing environmental protection and reducing pollution.

          • Ecosystem and biodiversity preservation.
          • Sustainable resource management strategies.
          • Environmental training for organisations.
          • Joint pollution reduction solutions.
          • Recreation area preservation.

          Outcome: Improved biodiversity, resource management, pollution reduction, and climate adaptation.

          Partners: Public bodies and NGOs.

    • A more social Europe implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights

        RSO 4.3 Promoting the socioeconomic inclusion

        • Projects aim to better integrate disadvantaged groups into society and work, improve social services, and counter climate-related social exclusion.

          • Developing integrated services for vulnerable groups.
          • Enhancing efficiency and diversity of social services.
          • Encouraging networking and training among service providers.
          • Mitigating climate-related social exclusion.
          • Fostering a social entrepreneurial ecosystem.

          Outcome: Resourceful and inclusive communities, reduced social vulnerability, and improved living conditions.

          Partners: Public bodies, social partners, and NGOs.

        RSO 4.6 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism

        • Projects aim to uplift tourism and local economies through sustainable practices and community engagement.

          Activities include:
          • Developing unique digital tourism products.
          • Conserving cultural heritage and promoting eco-tourism.
          • Enhancing business sustainability in tourism.
          • Creating diverse cross-border tourism offers.
          • Marketing the region as a top tourism destination.

          Outcome: Better tourism routes, inclusive experiences, and boosted local economies.

          Partners: Public authorities, NGOs, and local communities.

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The Interreg VI-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2021–2027 aims to boost the region’s appeal and competitiveness. Our mission: to create better places to live, study, work and visit.

We focus on four key areas:
1. Enhancing cooperation and capability.
2. Encouraging green, robust, and sustainable progress.
3. Promoting an equitable and inclusive society.
4. Unleashing the economic potential of tourism and heritage.

Public bodies and NGOs from Klaipėda, Telšiai, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Utena, Kurzeme, Zemgale, and Latgale can join forces to apply. The Programme offers €29.175 million from the European Regional Development Fund for impactful projects.

The European Commission approved the programme on 4 October, 2022. Dive into the details through our official documents.

Our Programme is managed by a dedicated team, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

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