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30th June 2023
Interreg North Sea - Call 3 open
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The Interreg North Sea Region Programme 2021- 2027 funds cooperation across borders to stimulate a green and sustainable future.
Our support enables partnerships to test new ideas and address joint challenges in the North Sea Region.
Our vision is to create a vibrant North Sea Region by helping innovators get their game-changing ideas off the ground.


The North Sea Region Programme 2021-2027 centres on four thematic priorities. Each priority includes one to three specific objectives:

  • Robust and smart economies in the North Sea Region
    • Enhancing research & innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies
    • Developing skills for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship
  • A green transition in the North Sea Region
    • Promoting energy efficiency measures & reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Promoting renewable energy
    • Promoting smart energy systems, storage and grids
    • Promoting the transition to a circular economy
    • Promoting sustainable multimodal urban mobility
  • A climate resilient North Sea Region
    • Promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and disaster resilience
    • Enhancing biodiversity, green infra-structure in the urban environment, and reducing pollution
  • Better governance
    • Better cooperation governance

The spotlight themes below apply across all priorities. They are additional dimensions of special importance in the North Sea Region. There are three spotlight themes:

  • Digitalisation
  • Rural-urban linkages
  • Strengths & challenges in the North Sea basin

If a spotlight theme is relevant to your project, we recommend you pay attention to it. Projects that are not connected to spotlight themes, however, will stand an equal chance of approval.

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