Interreg South Baltic

18th December 2018
6th call for proposals
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What is Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027

The Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 enters a new era of multilateral cross-border cooperation between the coastal regions of five EU Member States: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, and Poland.

Even after more than 30 years of territorial collaboration the Programme demonstrates its relevance, timeliness, and pertinence to the development of the South Baltic area. The future priority and direction of growth is reflected in the motto of the new programming perspective: United by the sea into action for blue and green future – Innovative, Sustainable, Attractive and Active South Baltic”.

Actions with the focus on economic, environmental, and social development, natural and cultural heritage, and cooperation of different actors in the area are supported by the Programme foremost aiming above all at improving the quality of life of its residents through the blue and green growth of the area.

Who can receive funding?

The Programme recognises 3 types of partners: organizations can act as lead partners, project partners and associated partners.

Depending on the chosen role, the Programme proposes variations of the requirements, eligibility rules, funding volume and scope of tasks.

The following types of organisations can form partnerships and participate in projects supported by the Programme (non-exhaustive list):
•    Public administrations and agencies;
•    Public or private organizations (having either public or non-profit character);
•    Chambers of commerce, trade unions;
•    R&D facilities and educational institutions;
•    Associations of public or private bodies and NGOs;
•    SME associations and clusters;
•    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Please make sure to carefully read the Programme documents to correctly determine the project role considering the conditions stipulated by the Programme.

How to get funding?


The preparation of the project proposal is a complex process that requires knowledge, competencies, and field expertise from the project partners.

However, it can be generally put down into 5 main steps:

1.    Identify a cross-border problem and relevant target groups and stakeholders.
2.    Form an eligible and relevant partnership.
3.    Define project objectives expressed in the form of tangible outputs and results.
4.    Structure corresponding budget, determine the timeframe and identify relevant activities.
5.    Fill in and submit the Application Form when the Call for proposals is opened (within the set deadline).

Please make sure to get familiar with rules and requirements set by the Programme in the documents as well as all specific features of the South Baltic projects.

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