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  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • A smarter Europe – innovative and smart economic transformation

        RSO 1.1 Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies

        • Collaborate across fields and borders for positive change in health, environment, and tech.

          Main Steps:
          - Collaborate: Get different sectors like health and tech to work together, especially between Slovakia and Austria.
          - Use & Share: Put new discoveries and inventions to practical use.
          - Educate: Tell professionals and the public about the perks of cross-border collaboration.

          Quick Action Guide:
          1. Team Up for Research:
          ∙ Combine efforts in areas like life sciences and sustainability.
          ∙ Have universities and businesses work together.
          ∙ Facilitate cross-border opportunities for researchers.
          2. Create Shared Spaces:
          ∙ Invest in joint research facilities.
          ∙ Set up tech transfer spaces and innovation hubs.
          3. Raise Awareness:
          ∙ Run educational activities and training sessions.
          ∙ Include science education in schools.
          Bigger Picture: Danube Region
          These actions support an ambitious plan for Europe's Danube Region, aimed at building a knowledge-driven society, enhancing networking, and retaining talent.

    • A greener, low-carbon Europe

        RSO 2.4 Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

        • Address climate change near Slovakia and Austria, focusing on forests, farms, cities, water, and tourism.

          Key Steps:
          - Spot & Plan: Identify climate risks and make eco-friendly strategies to tackle them.
          - Avert Disasters: Minimize natural disasters like floods and forest fires.
          - Strengthen Communities: Develop affordable solutions for cities and communities and spread the word.

          Quick Guide:
          1. Knowledge Sharing:
          ∙ Collect climate data.
          ∙ Research and discuss protection strategies.
          2. Practical Actions:
          ∙ Green local spaces.
          ∙ Implement new research.
          ∙ Set up risk management.
          3. Education:
          ∙ Host community events.
          ∙ Run seminars on climate risks.
          Bigger Picture: Danube Region
          These actions align with the EU's plans for the Danube Region, focusing on risk management and disaster prevention.

        RSO 2.7 Biodiversity and green infrastructure

        • Protect nature, create green spaces, and fight pollution near Slovakia and Austria.

          - Shield Nature: Boost biodiversity and link natural areas.
          - Green Up Communities: Combine nature protection with creating green spaces in towns and countryside.
          - Smart Resource Use: Use natural resources wisely and combat pollution.

          Action Guide:
          1. Knowledge Sharing:
          ∙ Collect data (e.g., on pollution).
          ∙ Engage locals in spotting wildlife.
          ∙ Hold workshops on nature protection.
          2. On-The-Ground Actions:
          ∙ Restore rivers.
          ∙ Create public green spaces.
          ∙ Launch eco-friendly projects (e.g., waste management).
          3. Spread the Word:
          ∙ Organise local green events.
          ∙ Educate in schools.
          ∙ Offer environmental training.
          Bigger Picture:
          These actions are part of wider efforts to protect nature in the Danube Region.

    • A more social Europe implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights

        RSO 4.2 Improving equal access education, training and lifelong

        • Forge stronger connections between border areas by focusing on language, skills, and culture.

          Quick Steps:
          1. Plan Together:
          ∙ Combine data for smarter education strategies.
          ∙ Design programmes for language, culture, and tech skills.
          ∙ Plan teacher-student exchanges.
          2. Share and Train:
          ∙ Swap teaching methods.
          ∙ Jointly train teachers.
          ∙ Guide students in career choices.
          Big Picture:
          This effort is part of a grand scheme to build a knowledge-based society. We aim for better education, job readiness, inclusiveness, and lifelong learning. Cooperation between educational institutions, workplaces, and research centres is key.

        RSO 4.5 Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems

        • Work closely to make healthcare and social services easier to access in border regions.

          Quick Steps:
          1. Team Up for Smarter Services:
          ∙ Collect data and research together, like in digital health.
          ∙ Create plans to work hand-in-hand, like health centres and colleges.
          ∙ Think up fresh ideas for local healthcare and more family-focused care.
          2. Get Things Moving:
          ∙ Make emergency health services easy to reach across borders.
          ∙ Test out ways to work together in healthcare and social services.
          ∙ Launch campaigns to get everyone aware and on board.
          Big Picture:
          Though not directly tied to any big European strategy, these efforts chime with the wider aim of building a people-focused economy and protecting health in the European way of life. It’s all about being social and taking care of each other.

        RSO 4.6 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism

        • Save and bring out the best of the border area's natural and cultural gems with thoughtful tourism and easy travel.

          Quick Steps:
          1. Make Plans for Thoughtful Tourism:
          ∙ Research ways to share cultural and natural treasures without harm.
          ∙ Think green: eco-friendly strategies for tourism.
          ∙ Team up for events and research on culture and nature.
          ∙ Develop quality stamps for services and products.
          ∙ Get creative with digital ways to share experiences.
          ∙ Highlight local sites and create themed tourism routes, like wine trails or historical tours.
          2. Get Rolling with Joint Projects:
          ∙ Market and manage destinations across borders.
          ∙ Develop new cultural experiences, even digital ones.
          ∙ Offer themed tours on shared subjects, like historical trails.
          ∙ Look after cultural sites and build visitor-friendly spaces.
          ∙ Include everyone: plan offers for families, older folks, and disabled persons.
          ∙ Educate and raise awareness about cultural and natural heritage.
          ∙ Share knowledge, promote arts, and artists.
          3. Improve Access for Everyone:
          ∙ Set up easy ways to travel between border areas.
          ∙ Link up cycling routes within tourist plans.
          The Bigger Picture:
          These steps align with the European Union's strategy for the Danube Region, mainly by developing green tourism, preserving culture and nature, supporting science, and promoting connections between people through culture, arts and tourism. This ensures the treasures of our heritage are accessible and cherished by all.

    • A better cooperation governance

        RSO 6.2 Enhance efficient public administration

        • Connect, share knowledge, and solve problems together for a thriving border area.

          Quick Actions:
          1. Share Knowledge to Make Better Plans:
          ∙ Exchange experiences to multiply the benefits.
          ∙ Study the hurdles in cross-border cooperation and gather expert advice.
          ∙ Collect and organise data for informed decisions.
          ∙ Develop strategies for transport, job markets, health, and more.
          2. Test Solutions to Knock Down Borders:
          ∙ Create joint solutions to tackle challenges like housing, environment, or tourism.
          ∙ Share knowledge with public sectors in important areas like housing, mobility, environmental protection, and tourism.
          3. Boost Abilities of Public Authorities:
          ∙ Join forces for skill development in areas like regional development, health, environment.
          ∙ Offer training, language courses, and staff exchanges.
          ∙ Support changes that make the region more sustainable.
          Bigger Picture:
          These actions support Priority 10 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region by making cooperation smoother, helping administrations work together better, and involving local communities for effective decisions and actions across borders.

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Making the Borderlands Better Together

The Interreg SK-AT program is all about improving the area around the Slovakian and Austrian border. Here’s what they’re focusing on:

1. Boosting Innovation: Making the border area a hub for new ideas and creativity.

2. Going Green: Taking care of the environment by making the borderlands more eco-friendly.

3. Community Care: Looking out for each other by improving social services and quality of life.

4. Together is Better: Encouraging institutions and local people to work hand-in-hand.

What’s New? The Small Projects Fund!
There’s now a special fund managed by the regional agency of Lower Austria, NÖ.Regional GmbH. This is great news for smaller groups who want to make a difference. The fund will particularly support activities that bring people together and build trust across the border.

Who’s Involved?
On the Slovak side, it’s the Bratislava and Trnava regions. In Austria, it’s Lower Austria, Vienna, and Northern Burgenland. The Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic (MIRRI SR) is taking the lead, and all these regions are teaming up to achieve these awesome goals together.

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