Interreg POCTEFA (Spain – France – Andorra)

  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • Research and innovation
      • Investment priority 1B

        • Enhance cooperation between different actors from both sides of the border in R + D + I

        • Encourage the development of innovative technologies in the field of natural resources through cooperation

        • Promote joint actions for the development of companies in the cross-border territory at the international level, SMEs in particular.

    • Combating climate change
      • Investment priority 5A

        • Improve climate change adaptation of the area

      • Investment priority 5B

        • Improve the anticipation and response capacity towards the actors in the area regarding specific risks and management of natural disasters

    • Environment and resource efficiency
      • Investment priority 6C

        • Enhance cultural and natural heritage through joint sustainable development approaches

      • Investment priority 6D

        • Protect and improve the quality of cross border ecosystems

    • Sustainable transport
      • Investment Priority 7C

        • Improve the offer of sustainable cross border transport to facilitate travel and cross border mobility of goods and people

    • Employment and Mobility
      • Investment priority 8ETC

        • Promote local potential, the development of training systems and peoples´skills in the cross border area in order to improve employment access

        • Improve access to social, health and cultural services.

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  • Job Vacancies

  • Currently there are no calls for projects open for this programme

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The Spain-France-Andorra (POCTEFA 2014-2020) cooperation program aims to promote and co-finance cooperation projects carried out by French, Spanish and Andorran socio-economic agents located in the eligible cross-border area. It constitutes the fifth generation of financial support for the promotion of economic and social integration projects in this cross-border area. This European financial support offers new opportunities for cooperation between institutions and agents from both sides of the Pyrenees.

The POCTEFA 2014-2020 is organized in calls for projects. Throughout each one of them, the actors of the territory interested in developing cross-border projects that fall into the cooperation zone must submit their candidatures to the Program. Once presented, the Program managing authority chooses the projects that suit the requirements of the territory and the proposal criteria. These projects will then be programmed and would be eligible for co-financing from the ERDF.

This Program is organized in five strategic axis:

  1. Research and Innovation: in order to strengthen the innovative capacity of the cross-border region as well as to increase cross-border cooperation between SMEs and the research and development sector.
  2. Climate change: to promote adaptation to climate change as well as prevention and risk management.
  3. Environment and resource efficiency: to enhance the protection, valorization and sustainable use of local resources.
  4. Sustainable transport: to improve the mobility of people and goods
  5. Employment and mobility: to reinforce the local professional potential in order to promote employability in the territories.

Throughout the previous program, POCTEFA 2007-2013, 152 projects were undertaken thanks to the 168 million euros with which this European cooperation tool was equipped.

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    • Pilar Maza Rodríguez, Coordinator of the JS

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 262
    • Skype: pilarmazastc
    • Sylvia Linares Prado, Assistant of the JS

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 212
    • Skype: sylvialinaresstc
    • Emilie Lalanne, Finance officer

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 232
    • Skype: emilielalanneag
    • Amaia Armendáriz Lasso, Project management officer

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 221
    • Skype: amaia_armendariz
    • Elena Giménez Beltrán, Project management officer

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 224
    • Skype: elenagimenezctp
    • Teresa Zas Iglesias, Project management officer

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 222
    • Skype: teresa.zas
  • Gabriel Navarro

  • + 34 976 714 271
  • Gobierno de Aragón. Departamento de Hacienda y Administración Pública
    Servicio de Fondos Europeos
  • Eva Lamothe

  • +33 (0)559 114 507 (Pau)
    +33 (0)559 465 083 (Bayonne)
  • Département des Pyrénées Atlantiques. Direction Générale du Développement Economique et Territorial. Pôle coopération transfrontalière
  • Comunidad de Trabajo de los Pirineos (CTP)

  • +34 974 36 31 00
    • Jean-Louis Valls, Managing Authority Director

    • +34 974 36 31 00 - ext: 261
    • Pilar Rabal Sanromán, Managing Authority Assistant

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 211
    • Concha Baraja Bergaz, Managing Authority Financial Officer

    • +34 974 36 31 00 – ext: 231

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