Call for projects

Covid-19 Call for project applications

Covid-19 Call for project applications

*** This call is closed ***

Deadline by 30th September 2020

Website of the call
link to www.interreg-npa.eu27

  • Deadline for application 30th September 2020
  • Application starts on 20th May 2020
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The projects should look at ways in which cooperation can effectively help address the multiple challenges posed by this COVID-19 crisis across the NPA programme area. Six themes have been identified, where joint collaborative efforts could be beneficial:

A. Clinical aspects: Comparing the different response measures taken by the respective countries, map the rate of infections and observe differences in comparison to national and local COVID strategies; e.g. in rural vs urban areas

B. Health and well being: The impact of self-isolation on people and their mental health – elderly people and other vulnerable groups who already suffer isolation will be impacted even worse from this situation, but there is a wider effect on the entire population which shall be investigated

C. Technology solutions: What e-health solutions already exist and what should be put in place?  How can technology be brought to those people who need it and/or don’t know how to use it? What are the technologies with the lowest threshold? How can we fast track innovation?

D. Citizen engagement/ Community response:  Small peripheral communities are more self-sufficient, what lessons can they share?

E. Economic impacts: What will be the impact on the public health system now and next year? In what ways have our societies and economies been transformed already? And how will they be transformed in the medium and long term?

F. Emerging themes: project ideas that fit in the rationale of the call, but do not fall within the themes outlined at the time this Call has been opened. Considering that the situation is constantly developing and that new relevant themes might appear at a later point in time, the Programme will consider applications falling under this category, that reflects a change in the situation or an aspect which has been disregarded.

All applicants are asked to join the NPA Covid-19 response group.

This is an ongoing call between the opening and closing date, meaning that applicants can submit an application at any time during the period 20th May 2020 – 30th September 2020.

The application pack including the Terms of Reference and all necessary supporting documents can be found here.

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