Interreg North Sea Region

  • Programme Thematic Objectives

    • Research and innovation

        Investment priority 1B

        • Develop new or improved knowledge partnerships between businesses, knowledge institutions, public administrations and end users with a view to long-term
          cooperation (post project) on developing products and services

        • Enhance regional innovation support capacity to increase long-term innovation levels and support smart specialization strategies.

        • Stimulate the public sector to generate innovation demand and innovative solutions for improving public service delivery

    • Combating climate change

        Investment priority 5A

        • Demonstrate new and/or improved methods for improving the climate resilience of target sites

    • Environment and resource efficiency

        Investment priority 6D

        • Develop new methods for the long-term sustainable management of North Sea ecosystems

        Investment priority 6G

        • Promote the development and adoption of products, services and processes to accelerate greening of the North Sea Region economy

        • Stimulate the adoption of new products, services and processes to reduce the environmental footprint of regions around the North Sea

    • Sustainable transport

        Investment Priority 7C

        • Develop demonstrations of innovative and/or improved transport and logistics solutions with potential to move large volumes of freight away from long-distance road transportation

        • Stimulate the take-up and application of green transport solutions for regional freight and personal transport

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  • Currently there are neither job vacancies or calls for projects open for this programme

14th November 2022

Last open call closed on 14th November 2022

Call 2 for expressions of interest and full applications
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If you look at the statistics, the North Sea Region is a great place to live and work. Educational attainment is high, health systems are robust and society is relatively prosperous. But the region’s stability and long-term prosperity depends on finding answers to some big questions.

What can be done to stimulate sustainable, economic growth? How must society adjust to climate change, especially more frequent major flooding? And are there ways to clean up our environment and manage resources more wisely?

Our overall aim is to support development and foster sustained economic growth across the region. We help enterprises, institutions, public administrations, NGOs and others to pool their expertise, share their experience and cooperate to develop realistic solutions to problems shared by organisations across the region.

With a budget of 167 million euros, we manage projects with a particular focus on pilots, demonstrations and trials. Projects typically explore how organisations can work better, often together, for the long-term. Although cutting edge technology is important, we are just as interested in work to develop and test new organisational structures, support networks and innovative practices.

We focus on four themes that are most relevant and pressing across the region.

1. Thinking growth

2. Eco-innovation

3. Sustainable North Sea Region

4. Green transport and mobility

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