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The Interreg Sweden-Norway programme promotes sustainable development in the border region, focusing on environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It aligns with the EU’s Territorial Agenda 2030 and Green Deal, emphasizing local decision-making, biodiversity preservation, and responsible resource management. The programme collaborates with other EU initiatives to address common goals such as research, innovation, and climate change mitigation.

With strengths in international entities and abundant natural resources, the programme aims to enhance competitiveness and foster innovation. It supports a transition to a greener economy by reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices. The programme also prioritizes social inclusion, addressing demographic challenges and improving access to education and healthcare.

Using a Smart Specialisation approach, the programme concentrates resources on areas with growth potential, encouraging collaboration in key sectors. Lessons from previous programmes highlight the importance of political dialogue and cross-border value. The programme welcomes project applications aligned with its objectives to drive sustainable development and create an attractive and inclusive border region.

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