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Whistles and whoops: How submarine soundtracks help marine animals

By Kimane Baltyde and Sofie Forfang

Mid-year 2017, Cap La Houssaye – Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean: Julie Martin is on her first trip as a volunteer. The humpback whale season seems to take off that afternoon, with its warm light and caressing sun. Julie and the rest of the crew witness a breathtaking marine spectacle as a staggering number of males keep jumping out of the water in a famous move called breaching.

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Driving a tox-free Europe

By Anna Galyga and Sofie Forfang

From toothpaste to toys, hazardous substances are everywhere around you. They are present in your home, your school, and your workplace, wreaking all kinds of havoc. They can make you itch or sneeze, harm your fertility, or even cause serious illness. Professor Jeanette Rotchell and environmentalist Heidrun Fammler battle hazardous chemicals for a living.

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Innovations “à la carte”: from the Balkans to North-West Europe

By Christina-Maria Bateka and Vinicius Valente

Agriculture is a defining part of the agro-food sector, which is of strategic importance in Europe. Meet the ROADtool and Functional Agrobiodiversity, two innovative approaches supporting EU farmers in their transition to a healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

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The European Green Deal going local in the Alpine Space

By Selina Schwarz

According to European Commission president Ursula van der Leyen, the European Green Deal is Europe’s man on the moon moment. Several projects funded by the Interreg Alpine Space programme are already contributing directly to the Green Deal by finding sustainable solutions for the Alpine mobility, industry and energy sectors.

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