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Interreg Highlights

How to reach kids outside TikTok – Latvian success stories on engaging the youth

By Linda Talve

In Latvia, demographic trends have been marked with high level of emigration. Especially young educated people have tended to pack their packs and family to leave the country in hope of better living elsewhere. This is one of the main causes behind the country’s population decrease of nearly 20% since year 2000.

The European Green Deal going local in the Alpine Space

By Selina Schwarz

According to European Commission president Ursula van der Leyen, the European Green Deal is Europe’s man on the moon moment. Several projects funded by the Interreg Alpine Space programme are already contributing directly to the Green Deal by finding sustainable solutions for the Alpine mobility, industry and energy sectors.

Golden tickets to the ocean energy factory

By Vinicius Valente

Interreg vouchers support marine energy to exploit its potential with strategic real sea testing. No, these coupons won’t grant you VIP access to a magical chocolate factory nor to any of Roald Dahl’s novel universes,

30 YEARS TOGETHER | #InterregTalks

By Dana Kascakova

30 years ago, Interreg was created in a spirit of knowledge-sharing and collaborative thinking across Europe. We planned to celebrate successful cooperation beyond borders this year, but then suddenly the COVID-19 pandemic brought back national solutions

Underwater museum in the middle of the Baltic Sea

By Ingel Türk

The wrecks of ships sunken in the Baltic Sea are well-preserved and provide an extraordinary opportunity to take a look at the everyday life of sailors who lived hundreds of years ago. The Baltic Sea

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